Sonntag, Philipp: Forever Alert


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German Child Survivors in Action

Before 1945 and Beyond 2019


As children, we survived the Holocaust. Now, at over 80 or even 90 years-old, we still see challenges and chances, and we still remain alert.
In 2001, we founded our association CSD (Child Survivors Deutschland). We developed a unique compassion for each other.
In public, often in schools, we report on:
• The Holocaust and its cruelties and causes. We try to unmask current antisemitic fake news.
• Hope and frustration after 1945. We had to confront antisemitic politicians and stubborn bureaucrats in Germany.
• The challenges now and beyond 2019. We fi ght against antisemitism and we are passionate about democracy.
The author attempts to illustrate the lifetime efforts of victims by reporting on a dramatic life: his own.
For centuries, our families tried to be Germans. For too many, we still seem like aliens. We are good friends with some, but would still like to eventually be seen simply as Germans.
We have to cope: for us global society is in a pre-stage of civilization.
Our sensitivity to Survival is always on alert: the book offers modern survival projects as models aimed toward making constructive change.

240 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-936103-75-5

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